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The Princess of Las Pulgas - C. Lee McKenzie We are hit hard right from the start in Princess. Emotions are running high and they stay that way. I really appreciate how the passing of time is dictated: with sorrow at the holidays; remembrance and grieving for what they lost. Some of the wording is so lyrical- ‘wrapped in a cocoon of grief”, “when I read what I just wrote, some letters aren’t clear. Even though I’ve turned a new page, the tears have made the surface rough, so Oct 22nd has bled through to a new day.” It makes me feel even more connected with Carlie. I haven’t lost a parent but I have felt like my whole world has turned itself upside down and my heart broken. I can identify with Carlie in that respect. Her voice is powerful, emotional, and heart-felt. She is sarcastic and throws in dark humor at the right moments. I could stay in her head all day. I really adore the voice of her Dad as she is dealing with stuff. It really shows me without tons of back-story how he loved her, taught her things, and made a huge impact on her life. I also love seeing the moments with her mom. They do not have a perfect relationship but it is good and normal. Well, as normal as can be expected. They fight, but ultimately they love one another and are there for each other. It is nice to see a parent/child relationship that is functional and what you may see in the real world. It doesn’t dominate the book, but it is there. I like it. I love the secondary cast of characters- K.T., Keith, Jeb, Mr. Smith, Anthony, Sean. They all have something wonderful and unique to bring to this story. They have their own personalities and they are wonderfully written. Juan is a man in disguise but I really like what is revealed underneath. PoLP is a heart-wrenching tale of loss, recovery, self discovery, and love- familial, friendship and amore. It proves through several avenues that people and places are not what they seem at first glance. I was entranced from page 1 and I flew through, wanting to find out what turn of events would bring, and what Carlie would learn about herself and others next. One of my favorite quotes:“Do you remember what I said that day on the auditorium steps about taking the jouney? …What I didn’t say was that many journeys, often ones you didn’t plan to make, take you to an unexpected destination that turns out to be exactly where you want to be.”Keep your eye out in February for "Loving the Reviews" Challenge hosted by Sniffly Kitty and I. Ms McKenzie will be a part of our 'featured authors' and will be donating a prize.