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A Match Made in High School - Kristin Walker A Match Made in High school is a hilarious read with a quirky main character you can't help but love. It should come with a warning label: do not read while someone is trying to sleep in the same room as you. It kept me up all night and I kept waking up my husband with fits of giggles. Fiona is an 'outcast' carefree and not afraid to speak her mind. I could really relate with that, because I wasn't in any of the cliches in high school. She is witty and has pranks going with her assigned husband, who she initially hates. Their banter is amazing, and I love to watch how their truce formed. The little girl that she babysits is amazing too, and I love the truths that she speaks, and how profound they really are. We forget as we get older true friendship, forgiveness and innocent love. And don't even get me started on Johnny Mercer. He is a wonderful character and I am glad that he breaks the mold. His personality is wonderful and although his looks are not the greatest, I would date him any day (well, provided I wasn't already married, but you get my drift.) His humor, his loyalty, his kindness, and selflessness really blew me away. Although there are a lot of cliched groups in this book, Kristin really makes it her own. She puts her own spin on it, and she has the main character Fiona learn something about herself and others. It helps to bridge the gap in between the social divides. I recommend this book when you need a light, easy, and HILARIOUS read.