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Sea Change - Aimee Friedman Sea Change is a wonderful book. I haven't read much about mermaid lore and this was a great introduction into that world. It is has lovely detail that made me feel like I was there and seeing the wonderful sights. The characters are well written. Miranda is a loveable nerd, and I say that with all affection. I can understand her reluctance to even consider much less begin to believe the supernatural even when it is poking her in the nose. Her mother was well written- she was involved, a little skeptical and wanting the best for her child while coming off as controlling- in the best way. The time at Selkie island transforms her and she is able to finally relate and connect with Miranda, and give a reluctance blessing for her feelings. Leo is a heart-throb. Aimee wrote their romance in a way that made me feel giddy. Though it was quick forming- it is a summer romance (of course with the potential for more) and that is the nature of the beast. He is a gentleman, and he sees Miranda for who she is and accepts her without criticism. Miranda's friends are a bit annoying and spoiled, but Cece is light-hearted and she shows some depth near the end. The pace is leisurely- it doesn't need a lot of action to make it great. Details are introduced at a good pace and it kept me interested throughout. I have mixed feelings about the ending- it doesn't give the best of closure, but its not totally a cliffie. I just wanted more. There is definitely room for a sequel and expand on what is written, but then again part of me really likes the mystery and the way it was left. It leaves my imagination to wander and leaves me wondering what and if anything supernatural was really going on or if it is just fancy. This is a great romantic tale, a summer love, with a twist of paranormal, and I definitely recommend it.