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A Blue So Dark - Holly Schindler A Blue so Dark is a very powerful and emotional book about a teenager caring for her schizophrenic mother. Aura, the main character has a wonderful voice that is easy to read even when the subject material is difficult. The quotes at the top of each chapter make me laugh even while giving an insight into the life. It is hard to watch her keep her promise to her mom to keep her off meds, and struggle with her belief that art is a contributing factor to the disease. This book does not have the happiest of endings, but it does resolve the plot, and it gives a realistic outcome. It is a wonderfully written ending, and it is brighter than the rest of the book, but when I say happiest- I guess that some people will expect that there is a break-through cure and that everything ends up completely tied up with Aura and her mom. That is not realistic, and neither is Holly's ending. In my opinion though, that is a major plus to this book. I devoured this book, and I loved that Aura is a strong main character, the point of view and support that her best friend brought, the character of Nell, and how she fit into their life, that although Aura probably should have gotten outside help for her mom sooner, she tried to keep her promise and she knew her limits. I love the hint of romance with Jeremy in this book, and that though it was there, it did not overshadow the plot, rather it gave Aura something to look forward to and a semblance of a teenager's "normal" life. I enjoyed that Holly put in Aura's poems, and that they were beautifully written. This book will not be for everyone, but if you like edgy books, those that realistically address illness, then this book will be for you!