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Linger - Maggie Stiefvater I am torn with loving this book and wanting to throw it against the wall! There is such suspense, and there is a new character that at first I wish would just disappear, but then, of course, I start to care about him and wonder what he will do next. Grace is still lovable, and mostly opposite of me, but she also learns to stand up for herself in regards to her parents. Sam is still drool worthy (by his physical description, his love, and big bonus he is a musician). Although he is one for ignoring issues that he really should face. Part of me wanting to throw the book was the pace of the beginning, but once you get about halfway through, you understand the pacing, and why details were focused on more than you wanted when all you wanted to do was read about Sam and Grace's relationship. Also, I wish that Isabel and Cole's POV was more distinctive. They have their own personalities, but often, because it is written from 1st person, I get very confused as to who is talking. And, what a cliffie-- I have such a bittersweet relationship with series, because I am left with this longing----