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13 to Life - Shannon Delany So- the cover is gorgeous! I love that it is dark and shadowed, and I love the eye. It really drew me in and I think that it is appropriate for the book. I also really connected with Jess. I feel like she is a genuine character who deals with things in a realistic manner. Pietr is a great love interest- he has the looks, the mystery and the personality that really does it for me. Jess and Pietr have a lot of chemistry and it is fun to watch them connect and their relationship change and grow. Jess is too much of a martyr though because she is pushing him towards her friend Sarah- who is Jess' friend only because Jess is selfless to begin with, but to say much more would be spoiling-- who admits to liking him and she hasn't liked anything except books since the big tragedy that has effected her and Jess both in major ways. However, this love triangle (line,whatever) does nothing for me. I guess that it adds more tension for me when I am trying to decide between two very different men that are awesome in their own ways. I can see how it is integral to the plot because of the complex relationship between Sarah and Jess, and it also keeps Jess and Pietr's relationship from going too fast. Though the pacing felt a little off to me. The dialogue or next thought would start as if I had missed something, and I wouldn't realize what was going on until later, or find out that it is an unanswered question that I won't know until next book. I feel that the set up is a little slow and that we could have had some more about the werewolf world instead of some of the love triangle drama. With all of that said, I really did enjoy this book, and I am eager to see what else the story holds. There is love, action, and the book made me laugh at times which is always a bonus.