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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Kagawa has written another masterpiece. I really like Meghan and I can see myself making similar decisions and having similar mindset. So, I connect with her well. This is set up to where we doubt Ash at least in the beginning (can’t say if that changes, don’t want to spoil anything) and I know that I couldn’t decide if he really didn’t care or if he was actually acting that way to protect Meghan. Though we get those glimpses into the tender side of him and I love them! Though they are usually quickly followed by Ash making a remark that brings on the doubt again, and you just want to smack him.And then there is the love triangle, because you know that Puck has to come back. :D Maybe I just have something for the immortal men who are icy, but mmm, I am def Team Ash. Speaking of them both- the interactions between them was wonderful- the bantering and the constant back and forth amused me. We have the enemy who is doing the hide in the shadows and make the other two doubt one another and take themselves out before they even notice the enemy lurking, waiting, and watching you do their job for them. My issue is that in the beginning, Meghan is unable to help in the battle scenes. I understand that it would not be a story for her to be all powerful once she realized that she was able to work with the glamour, but I just wish she could do something… Although I guess that in Iron King, she did use her mind a lot, and was able to come through in the important places. I love to watch her learn though, and as the cover description says “grow a backbone of iron.” I hate trying to review and talk about it and not be spoilerish, but I guess that I should say that given that description my issue with Meghan dissolves, even though she can only help in what can be viewed as a really small way, and I love that it really shows up when she needs to save the ones she loves. And wowsers, what an ending!! I can’t wait to see how things will play out, and I totally did not expect the court’s decisions. Great quotes non-spoiler: “You haven’t spoken since his royal iciness left.”“This isn’t a game Meghan, the sh*t is about to hit the fan, and you’re right in the middle of it not knowing enough to duck.”“What if I take you apart and turn you into a toaster oven, how would you like that tin can?”