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Change of Heart - Shari Maurer This type of book is right up my alley as it features teens dealing with life changing illness. Maurer really has a powerful and emotional plot, and she writes it well. Emmi tells her story in a believable way, and she is easy to relate to. I felt for her and was rooting for her. Her friend Becca is a good supporting character, and makes some mistakes that hurt Emmi but it is easy to understand where the mistake stems from. Sam is a likable love interest although I wasn't rooting for him. He is supportive and he seems to really want to be there for her when the easiest course of action would be to just leave.Abe is a great addition. I was really pulling for him and I like him a lot. He is quirky and funny adding some humor into the story.The pacing of the book is great, and it shows that life cannot be taken for granted.Spoilers below I must say that I did not like the ending. I really wanted it to be perfect and for Emmi and Abe to end up together. It was so fun to see their relationship change and grow. I hate that he dies, although it shows a realistic part of organ transplantation. It was just really sad, and I wish that her and Emmi could have ended up together. I am really glad that once she realized her feelings, she didn't just settle for Sam. Though I am glad that she was able to forgive Becca and Sam, and restore the relationship.