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Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith - Jamie  Blair Wow, this is a powerful story. I completely felt for Faith and her upbringing. Although I will admit at first it was out of spite for her Mom that she was having her stop smoking and drugs while pregnant, but I saw that her heart really opened and changed when she heard the heartbeat and saw the baby on ultrasound. It was a unique journey that she took and for noble reasons, she didn't want her sister to grow up how she and her older sister Hope grew up, with alcohol, drugs and men in and out the door. Although I know it was wrong, the kidnapping, I was riveted to the page in her struggles and her growing love and relationship with the baby Addy. And when Chris entered the picture, my heart melted. He was so giving to strangers, with his time and with their house. I knew that he had his own secrets and we learned slowly what they were and it def made sense why he was so eager to help and his quick attachment to Addy. Add to that the fact that him and Faith had chemistry and he played guitar, my heart was so won over. I also appreciated the sense of family that Chris' grandmother brought to the picture, and I adored the scenes that she was in. She helped make the story more rounded and complete. Leap of Faith also was very realistic (and I know, I have two) on the hardships of taking care of a newborn, and it wasn't romanticized. Yes, there is the cuddly and warm, but there is also diapers, eating every few hours, poop, lots of spit up and exhaustion. I will say though, the ending felt way too incomplete. I know that the story was her journey but it seriously left me hanging. I wanted so much resolution and did not want to leave the pages of this story. It seems so cruel not to know the resolved ending for Faith/Leah and Addy. I seriously hope there is a sequel because that would fix my only complaint with this story. Bottom Line: Powerful and emotional contemporary that had me to the last page and wanting, no, needing more.