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Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder Maria has done it again. This next instalment of the Healer series is just as amazing as I've come to expect of her writing. I love the world that she's created. It has magic elements, but I can totally see myself a part of what she describes. There are beautiful descriptions as well as awesome emotional detail that pulls me in and has me invested in the characters. When something happens, whether it is tragedy striking or a moment of joy, I want to celebrate or cry right along with them. I loved being in Avry's head, and the use of 1st person POV. She has such a great voice and she amuses me with her wit and awes me with her intelligence. It is always a pleasure to watch her interact with Kerrick, Belen, the monkeys as well as some new and intriguing characters she finds herself surrounded by. She commands respect, even if it is not at first glance. She knows her craft, and I enjoy that confidence. We also get to be in Kerrick's head, and that is also quite a perspective. The only thing that threw me, was the switches in POV and perspective. It was fine mostly going from 1st to 3rd person, but in the arc, there was really no indication that it was switching and I would often be confused until I realized that the perspectives had switched. This is an easy fix, and I am hoping that the finished copy will have something more distinctive. Anyways, back to more of what I loved. There was so many things going on with the plot, and Avry kept finding new ways to get herself in the thick of action, "in trouble again." This book is in no way a filler, there was so many major events that happened, as well as new trials and plots that bring more to be resolved in the next book. Speaking of, I cannot wait to get it in my hands and find out what happens next. Bottom line: I love this series, the characters and Maria's writing.For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com