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Minder (A Ganzfield Novel)

Minder - Kate Kaynak Minder grabbed my attention and did not let go! This has supernatural powers, an awesome love story, and a protagonist that I can admire, she can stand her own. Maddie is a strong character, a protector, quick learner and holds her own ground. She questions the immediate attraction to her love interest, instead of just simply accepting love at first sight. I like that because they know what each other is thinking, there is a real reason for this quickly developing relationship. There is no room for subterfuge. While the love story is strong element, Maddie still pays attention to other duties. Forgive the Twilight reference here, but I always wondered if the appeal to Bella would have been so high if Edward could read her thoughts, and come up empty. Minder however, is from the mind reader’s perspective, and I love that Trevor is sweet, caring and selfless enough to pass the test; and deserving of love. However, he is not perfect and I think that is actually an outstanding characteristic in novels. His issues can be worked through though, as Maddie can read his insecurity and fuel it toward positive. The minor characters are well thought out, and they are diverse in personality which is amazing to read. Sometimes all of the groups of characters have the same personality and voice, and it was refreshing to see. Dr Williamson is a wonderful lead and father type figure. Maddie looks for his approval and it is good to have someone steady and there to mentor her. Minder deals with some deep issues, the characters struggle with death, murder and the moral ramifications; because where is the line of too evil to live? She strives for equality among the supernatural and for evilness to be quelled. There are times when she herself steps over the line that she doesn’t want crossed, but she has support and friends to help her find her way. Faith is also touched on but there is nothing pushy or negative about it. It is done beautifully and it relates with scenes that are taking place. This book is a part of a series, but the ending is done well; where I want and crave more, but it is not making me want to throw the book because of where it left me. The story is tied up well enough to sustain for a bit, but loose enough to make me think about what will happen next. This is a wonderful novel, and I cannot wait to read more. I recommend picking it up!