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Unbroken Connection (Taken by Storm, #2)

Unbroken Connection (Taken by Storm, #2) - Angela Morrison Unbroken Connection is the continuation of Michael and Leesie's love story, and oh my is it amazing. I love that they both tried to do what was best for the other at the end of Taken by Storm. They are young and have dreams to pursue and it is noble how they love one another so much they don't hold each other back. In this book, we see their love continue and endure even through distance and further trials. I am convicted how steadfast Leesie is in her beliefs. I am proud of her for not caving even through her strong love for Michael. I admire her strength and am thankful for Angela writing a strong character. Even though she is in love, she still makes time for God, for her school work, for her friends and for her family. Michael is so sweet in this book, and I enjoyed journeying with him as he matured, healed, and realized the depth of his love for Leesie. I also have to mention how proud I am (I sound like I am talking about my kids, but that is okay, right?) of how he handled the situation with Sukanda. I can't really say more without spoiling things but if you've read, you know what I am talking about. I also loved their IM chats, they had me laughing at times. I find myself saying Freak. a lot now too, thanks Michael :D I did not see the end coming and it made me cry. Big fat tears streaming down my face at 2am. So, beware. You can't put it down, and it draws you in. Their joy, their pain- you will feel it too, or at least I did. Angela was right to stand up for this book and for their story. It is amazing, and I cannot wait to go and read the blog project for book 3 Cayman Summer. If you haven't picked this up-- what are you waiting for? It is amazing!