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Crash - Lisa McMann I really enjoyed this book! Lisa, as usual writes powerful novels full of suspense with great characters. Jules was so relatable and likable. She freaked out over the visions, and it moved her deeply that she was supposed to do something about it. She was a strong character, and I really admired her devotion to her family. They own a restaurant and her and her brother and sister work hard as a part of the family business to help their mom, who is super hardworking and optimistic and their dad who battles with depression and is a hoarder who occasionally is very charismatic and comes to work, but other times holes up in the apartment. But Jules still faces life with this slightly twisted but awesome point of view and a wit that kept me snickering. The romance was great; a perfect picture of forbidden love because Sawyer is a part of the other Italian restaurant and a family that Jules' has feuded with for ages. It is unrequited at this point because after years of semi-secret friendship in elementary school, their dads clashed and they have avoided each other to keep the familial peace. But Sawyer is a good guy, he volunteers for the humane society for goodness sakes, and I saw the attraction and why Jules couldn't stop watching, and loving him from afar. I really liked how the mental health issue was woven in, and that Jules had the family history and she had to question if what she saw was foreboding of the future or if she inherited depression and psychosis. I also appreciated how her family worried about her, and confronted her because if you take out the paranormal, it would all point to something to be worried about. The suspense, the intensity, the romance, and the perfect ending are all boasts of this book, and I can't wait for the next one. Bottom Line: Suspenseful with a sharp and witty writing style.