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Adversary: The Second Ganzfield Novel

Adversary - Kate Kaynak Minder left me breathless-- and Adversary did not disappoint. I get nervous with second books-- but this one is NOT filler in any way, the action starts quickly and doesn't let go. It answers some questions and then left me with more. It is beyond belief what happens in the first chapters but I did not see it coming at all. I almost had to wonder if it was really necessary, but it just shows how dangerous and single minded the enemy is. I can't really say more except I felt the pain that characters felt, and it was hard to get through. Maddie is a dynamic character, and she keeps her strong leadership and sense of injustice at bullying and manipulation of people. Her and Trevor's relationship is taken to new levels, and they learn to love and protect each other in new ways. Kate has a way of writing their scenes making me wish that I could soulmate, and feeling like I am the one with telepathy, peeking into their hot and intimate moments. (It is all appropriate, nothing vulgar or obscene, similar to Minder with their energies being the main focus in the writing, but it is enough to make me jealous! We meet a new character, Zack and I am still not sure what to feel about him. He is a charm who took things a little too far, and then felt regret after, but I am still wondering what sort of role he will play in the future of the series. He does serve to teach Maddie more about g-positives, but I can't really say much more. Isaiah plays a bigger role in this one, and I hate him even more. He is even more powerful, and I am curious as to his weaknesses. There is a teaser chapter for Legacy, and it is ridiculously foreshadowing and made me want to know what was going on, and if it was indeed what it looked like, and if so... what that means for Maddie and the series. This is another amazing book, and Kate writes with beauty and fluidity. Her characters are real to me, and the way she writes them, I laugh with them, mourn with them, and am joyful with them. I recommend to read Minder if you haven't already and pick this one up!!