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Forever Innocent - Deanna Roy Hot and holy emotional as hell. I loved Corabelle and totally could not even imagine what she has been through losing her baby and then other mistakes out of grief and hurt. Gavin is hot, frustrating yet sweet considerate all at the same time, well maybe slightly different times, but I can def understand where his instinct to flee came from while still respecting how he slowly got things together. The parts where they flashed back to being pregnant, then having the baby and losing him broke my heart into pieces. I don't cry very often at books but this one made me cry. I felt their sorrow radiating from the page and I cannot and hope that I am never in a situation to understand that kind of pain and loss. The moments where Corabelle and Gavin are thrown back together are heart pounding. They have this irresistible chemistry but so much history and pain between them. It made for a deliciously satisfying read where my heart was torn to pieces and slowly, oh so slowly put back together. As for Corabelle's addiction, her habit that helps her get through, I have no experience reading about anything like this and it was handled so well. I understand more and more why she did it and why it brought her release. Also, I love the theme of love getting a second chance, and it was well written here! The ending was heartbreaking but laced with so much hope. I am so excited for the sequel to come out and I know that I want to get back into their heads and see where the healing and love takes them and how they keep Finn's memory alive. Bottom Line: Made me cry and that doesn't happen much AT ALL.