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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout Jennifer never fails to leave me breathless and wanting more, and Frigid is no exception. She is a wonderful story teller, and crafts heroines that are easy to relate to and although they have their flaws, they are strong people and these boys that are protective, sexy, charming and swoon worthy. Frigid is in dual narration but we spend the majority of the time in Sydney's head. The glimpses into Kyler's head though bring a lot to the table, and helps get both sides of the story. I love how far back Sydney and Kyler's friendship goes, and the mostly easy going banter and nature between them, but you can quickly tell that there is a lot of sexual tension brewing under the surface but they are both afraid to speak up because they don't want to ruin their friendship and lost the other person. Due to this non-communication there are some remarks on both sides that are completely taken the wrong way and hurt ensues, but even with this, it adds a realistic and emotional side to the story. I love all the awkward positions they find themselves in and Sydney's dry sense of humor, and watch out for mailboxes when she's drunk. Some of her one liners had me cracking up and trying to die of laughter without waking up my husband. Some of the scenes are intense and had me blushing, so def for mature new adults or those who can handle it. It had me breathless and wanting to curse when the scene was inevitably interrupted. The mystery and danger that were an element in this one I was totally not expecting but I think it was handled and written really well. Bottom Line: Breath taking! Hot romance and great characters.