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Skin - Donna Jo Napoli Sep is a character that is easy to relate to and it was a journey being in her head. She is realistic and although dealing with some hard issues and emotional, still brought humor and sarcasm to the table. I can't imagine waking up and my lips being white, wondering what was wrong with me, and if it would spread, trying to hide it and deal with the worry would be so hard, but I get a glimpse of what that would be like through Sep. I like the realistic friendship she has with her family and her best friend. It doesn't feel forced, but there is tension between her and her parents and her brother, but there are also those bonding moments that you know they are really there for her and I loved reading those moments. She tries to hide that there is anything wrong with her from everyone except her family at first, and that causes problems with her and her best friend. There is also the added bonus of the boy she used to be best friends with in elementary school now coming back into the picture. It adds a lot of romantic tension as well as suspense because she isn't being upfront with him about the white spots. But still, I loved their stolen kisses and other touching as well as the awkwardness when she is straight up about things like asking if he is flirting with her and he gets all embarrassed and tongue tied. Bottom Line: Well written issues book with a funny at times main character that embraces the emotional experience life dealt her.