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Empty - K.M. Walton Is it possible to love a book and simultaneously rip out the last pages. If so, that is my feelings after reading Empty. The ending hit me in a way to personal level and i cried and nearly didn't finish the book... I was hoping for something different to happen. It left me heartbroken and wishing that things could change in this world, as well as hurting for myself, and my family who some of these issues have hit way close to my heart. That said, Adele is a character that could have been me in so many ways. I have tried to both east away and starve away my problems, as well add cut them away so I know what it means to shove down pain and problems and not deal with them. I just wish that I could give her a hug. Her voice was so powerful and she took me on quite a ride with her ups and downs. This book takes a dark and realistic view of important issues such as eating issues, bullying, the power of words both positions, negative and unsaid, as well as taking pills. This is for mature teens only with the themes as well as cursing. As for characters, while i liked Adele and wished things were different for her,.the other characters made me remember high school in a bad way. Bottom line. Powerful, dark and emotional book.