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Secret for a Song - S.K. Falls Such a unique premise, I have never read a book about Munchhausen's and didn't know much about it, so it was awesome to get into her head and experience a new perspective and learn about a mental illness. I liked the friends she met from the support group, and even though I knew that things would collapse around her because of her lies and carefully constructed house of cards. I did want more of how she made herself sick and the emotions behind it but it was a good thing to get the emotions from those who are sick not by choice. I think that being around that amount of sickness and impending death really led to her healing more than anything else. It began as jealousy that they were really sick but then it morphed into something else entirely. I understood little by little why she did what she did, and it was hard relating with that type of personality because I don't have any of that life experience, but I could empathize. Because I know pain, fear of abandonment, wanting to fit in, I just don't process the same way. There is romance in this one, and it was sweet for the most part. It was just hard because like the friendships above, it is built on lies, and you know it can't end sweetly. I felt like the ending was rushed a bit, and I wanted there to be a little more something. I liked the overall ending message and the note that it left on of hope and change though.