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Linked - Imogen Howson Linked had a great pace that had me flipping pages, having to know what would happen next. The chapters ended with mini-cliffies and I never wanted to put it down. It is in 3rd person POV, but I didn't even notice until chapter eleven and this is from a 1st POV junkee. Lissa, while physically weak and frail at the beginning, was mentally strong and a character that stood up for what was right. That made me really respect her and root for what choices she made because her heart was good and in the right place. I also connected with her because of being a bit of an outcast because of the medical issues. I deal with depression and have bad knees so I get in moods at times where I can't do things and that I am a bit reclusive so I understand what that feels like. The world building in Linked was good. While it was space and futuristic, I understood the tech and the laws because of the good explanations, and ones that didn't feel like info dump back story. Her parents were very involved at first, and then it was like they went crazy when she discovered some of the truths, but at least her dad made up for it. The relationship and interactions between Lissa and Lin were great. It was so well written and realistic. That Lissa questions if Lin is the same, if her thoughts are normal, what her intentions are. And then the moments that bring them closer, Lissa's memories, seeing what Lin has been through, and the moments where there is genuine care and concern from Lin. Some of the elements are hard to review because I don't want to spoil anything. But the plot twists were good, and caught me by surprise, but they all made sense within the story. It focused on Lissa, character development, action and family and friendship for a good bit, so the love aspect didn't even really come into play until around the middle of the book. Although I sensed a possible development early on. I enjoyed where it went though. The ending was great, and was at a good spot. Things were wrapped up and left a great place for the 2nd book to start. Bottom Line: Great characters and world building, can't wait for the next one.