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Transparent - Natalie Whipple I love the premise of this and it drew me in quickly. I liked the simplistic but fun set-up. There were of course complexities to the plot, and I was on the edge of my seat wondering how things would play out. Fiona is a character that is easy to root for. I totally cannot imagine being invisible! In some ways, it would be awesome, but it others it would suck. And we get to see both of these drawbacks through her eyes. I felt so sorry for her how her dad treated her like a tool, a means to his end. It is so brave of her and her mom to try to get a fresh start. Liked her relationship with her older brothers. Seemed realistic, and cool that they were close. The way they grew up and what they went through together made that bond even stronger. The protective side that Miles has, and their covert communication added another whole element to the story. Bea is a lot of fun. She is a girl at the new school who befriends Fiona. She also is gifted and her and Brady are the strongest and the ones ostracized in a community of mostly normal mutations. She is able to throw her voice, and Brady has strength. I liked Fiona and Bea's friendship, and how Fiona (and myself as a reader) had to work through the trust issues, and see her for what she was. I liked how she was bold, and told it like it was. She didn't pretend like Fiona wasn't unique, and didn't sidestep around her abilities. She also was so funny. I loved her lines and she made me laugh a lot. The other characters are great too. Brady, as I mentioned earlier is a guy at her new school, who is hot and has abilities. Seth is a hot math tutor, more of the broody kind that keeps to himself a lot. Bea has a ton of brothers, and I love the dynamic there as well. The dialogue feels authentic and it is downright hilarious at times. But there is a lot of emotional connections and depth when you look below the surface. She eventually lets them in, but she is keeping to herself at first, so there is just the minor flirting with whom I will not say but I def had a clear team and would love to talk to someone about it if they have read. I liked the slow build of the romance though, and the bantering that helped lead up to it. I am glad that Fiona wasn't afraid to speak her mind to this person because it made him respect her more I think. The town she is in just assumes that she is a spoiled brat and her dad put her there as a statement. Fiona's dad has a conflict going on with the leader of the area that Fiona and her mom are hiding it--hiding in plain sight, because they counted on her dad not thinking they would move into Juan's (his enemy) land. It wrapped up pretty well, but I have the feeling that there will be a sequel. While it was a good ending, and tied up the book, I just sense that the resolution can't last forever. But I could be wrong. Bottom Line: Great premise, executed well, with surprising emotional depth and well developed characters that are easy to root for.