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Dare You To - Katie McGarry Oh my goodness. This was dark, amazing, emotional and hot. Katie has written another contemporary masterpiece and as an added bonus we get to see a peek at Noah and echo. Though you didn't have to read pushing the limits to understand and love dare you to. They would just seen like secondary characters.I loved Beth and her tough exterior and how Ryan broke through that and while she was still amazing and kick ass we get to see get beautiful heart.Ryan is perfect on the surface but there is a lot brewing under neath. I loved his loyalty and admired his self confidence and how hid desire to win became a theme. Though i really appreciated that he stepped up and did what wad right even if it meant losing.There were some smoking hot scenes that made me need to stick Mt head on the freezer and then run back to get more.The characters in this story are so beautifully written! Ryan's inner dialogue was awesome and it made me smile a lot.Lacy is a great character as well and i loved how she fit into the whole scene. She reminded nee a lot of myself with the boys was friends and the limited loyalty. As well as being on the fringes.Gwen... Oh, Gwen. I wanted to smack her.Loved Ryan s brother and that her read not perfect bit he too had a story and things to prove to himself.Beth and her need to take care of her mom is so understandable and it hurts my heart all that sheer had to go through.Isaiah... I so thought that some how this would be his and Beth story but while he was in it and their friendship was an important theme and he had a lot to add to the story it was not in the way that i thought.Watching Beth learn to trust others and especially learn to trust herself was the most amazing part of this story. It wasn't an easy road, and she had to go through sooo much. Not only did her relationship with Ryan help, but also her uncle, Lacy and letting go of her past. She had to realize that no one is perfect, herself included, but that there are people who are worthy of the trust. Really, the theme of learning to also accept yourself for who you are is what I am coming away from this story with!I love the dual narrative, it helped me to understand and love both of the characters all the more. It is also a unique way of storytelling where you know what the other person is really thinking and feeling. The ending is like the rest of the book--perfection. Bottom Line: Darkly captivating an emotional romance woven with hope and character growth.