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Farsighted - Emlyn Chand I liked this book so much more than I was prepared to. I know, I know, I signed up for the tour. But I went in with a negative attitude for some reason, and let me just say that Emlyn blew me out of the water with Farsighted. I loved Alex's voice, and although I have no idea what it is like to be blind, I do know what it is like to feel like an outsider. So I related to him on that level very much so. It gave me so much hope watching him grow as a character and then learn to accept things that he previously thought was the stuff of the stories. He had no idea that he was having visions, and he started feeling crazy. But then he met others like him, and slowly began to accept that there is more to the world than he once thought. I liked that Alex was an unlikely hero and what he accomplished despite his handicaps. He meets quite a cast of characters, and I love how they all play into the story. Simmi is sweet and a bit of a mystery to me. I loved what she brought to the story though, and the confidence and protector instinct that she evoked in Alex. I also enjoyed reading about Shapri. I appreciated that she doubted even though she grew up with a mom that was a psychic of sorts and it went straight up her family tree. I like the confidence she possessed in herself and how she is slow to let people in, but once she does, she is loyal to the core, even when they are involved in things she doubts and doesn't believe in. The family support is great in this one. I love that they are present and involved in Alex's life, and that he also has other adults that he can trust and talk to. I also appreciated that the parents were realistic. Alex's mom was loving but she hovered. This would drive anyone crazy, and although Alex understands it is protector instinct because of his blindness, it still is a flaw, and that makes it perfect, easy to relate to, and believable. The pacing is good, and the plot flows well. I like how things tie together and while most things were pretty tied up, we do get a taste of a different conflict for the next book but doesn't leave us hanging in a major way. The ending is nothing what I expected, but I think that Emlyn made it work for this story, and I am def looking forward to picking up the next one to see if some of my suspicions are true. Bottom Line: Great fantasy about a blind main character who fights for his friends and to discover his gifts.