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Anything But Ordinary - Lara Avery This book drew me in from the first words. Bryce is so easy to connect with and I wanted the best for her, and it was painful to go through her journey with her, especially at first when she realized that she lost five years of her life, and everything around her is so uncertain. Lara Avery writes beautifully, inserting just enough conflict, suspense, and character development to leave me hooked. There is so much leaving me wondering, about her dreams/flashbacks/forwards wondering if they are true to life, or only in her head. I was so torn with the Greg situation, and I can totally understand all three sides. Its messy, and it is realistic, and it kept me hooked. I also hung onto every scene with Carter. I pictured him kinda like John Carter in ER, and the image stuck with me. I liked Carter on TV, and I like the Carter in Anything but Ordinary as well. Speaking of characters, I so felt for and wanted to smack Sydney all at once. I can totally see where she is coming from and what she must be feeling though. The ending. Oh the ending. First I was furious, then I wanted to throw something, then I felt like crying. And then realized how poetic it was and felt like giving Lara an ovation for having such guts to write what she did. Honestly, I think this will be a book that is either very well received or not liked at all. But I am of course on the loved it side of things, and Lara Avery is an author to watch for me. Bottom Line: I was immersed in Anything but Ordinary. Superb main character with a cast of memorable secondary characters. Sad but weaved with the theme of hope, fight and strength.For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com