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Elemental - Emily White All in all, Elemental is an engrossing story, with a unique plot line. Ella is an unlikely hero, and we get to experience with her while she becomes aware of who she is and what she can do. Destined to kill a god, having wings without knowing it and being able to control elements. These are all things that Ella had no idea about herself as she was imprisoned on a space ship. It is quite a journey as she comes to grips with these things. And as new people come into her life, some that she can trust and others that she learns the hard way that she can't. All the while a mysterious guy who makes her feel alive, and heals her with his very presence comes onto the scene. But it can't be perfect for her, because one minute he is distant, and the next she finds out that he's hiding things from her. Cailen is very intriguing character and the memories that she has of his eyes, a friend when she was a child is quite a twist. Because how did he get from that boy to the man in front of her. I really hope that we get more of Cailen and Ella in the sequel Fae. I think it was fitting that romance didn't take a forefront in Elemental, but I hope it can in the next book. The relationship between Ella and Meir is written beautifully. I love the trust and father/daughter type bond that they have. He is a rock to her and it is refreshing to read about that dynamic. The terminology in the book kinda threw me for a loop, the different names of religions, gods and the societies, but I pretty much got used to it. I think that I am just not used to it, because fantasy/sci-fi isn't my primary focus. Elemental is paced well, and there is always something new to discover and new twists being thrown in there. I will say it's pretty violent and Ella is hurt a lot. It doesn't take away from the story really, but it is a bit distracting at times... what will be injured next kind of thing. But I guess that adds to her relatability. She doesn't wake up a superwoman, she has to come into herself, and struggle through the pain. I had so many questions that at the moment I wanted answered right then and there, but I think that in the end that only helped me to bond with Ella more, because I am almost as in the dark as she is, and we discover everything together. Bottom line: I liked Ella's character and once I just let myself go and enjoy the story she had to tell instead of being so caught up in terminology and unanswered questions, I went on quite a fun and action packed literary journey with her. For more of my reviews, check out Blkosiner’s YA and Teen Book Blog: http://blkosiner.blogspot.com