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Absolution - Jennifer Laurens I really love the Heavenly series by Jennifer, and this book did not let me down. Absolution had everything that I hoped for and more! It is such a story of hope, repentance, forgiveness, and true love. It not only demonstrates a familial love, working through troubles and coming out stronger, but what love in friendship should be like, as well as romantic love. Zoe has really matured and blossomed and she deals with everything that bombards her in such a loving and awesome way. I really have grown to love her character and admire her actions. She is not perfect, but she is perfectly written. I love her bravery, and her mouth even though it gets her in trouble occasionally. Abria is ever present and she continues to teach love, acceptance and tolerance. I adore her character, her innocence, and her complete trust. I also appreciate how she is given a bit of hope in this book while still being realistic to the disease. Weston is ever handsome and gentlemanly in this book... while he is himself. There are a few scenes that I was not happy with, but I understand why they are written and his actions... if that makes any sense. I really appreciate his love and loyalty to Zoe, even with her conflicted heart. Matthias is as wonderful as ever in Absolution as well. His character has always been so pure, loving, and he has this non-judgmental way of telling it like it as and how it should be. His faith and steadfast convictions in those he loves really just makes me want to cry, and yearn for that to be directed my way. Laurens really has written a masterpiece, and I would recommend getting your hands on this book and the series as quickly as you can!