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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto I really enjoyed the opener of this book. It felt like something new and different. The descriptions of heaven and how the characters, as angels, viewed the world and humanity. Bethany was spunky and she was on a mission. She had never been to earth before, and has a strong attraction to humans and their emotions, more so than her angel “brother and sister” Gabriel and Ivy. Ivy is the peace maker, and Gabriel is the stoic. Bethany makes friends and gets a boyfriend, and while it is a beautiful love story, I feel that Bethany loses focus too much. I know that love, especially first love, can be all encompassing, but it seems that she should be more focused on her mission. This annoyed me quite a bit until I saw how the end played out, and realizing that she was mostly fulfilling her purpose all along. She was chosen for the mission because she is a bit different, and wants to and feels strongly human emotions, and since that is why she is there, her mission should look different from that of Ivy’s and Gabriel’s. Being a Christian, I also had issue with her being able to seemingly so easy give up Heaven and her status as an Angel for love of a boy that will only last a lifetime. I realize how romantic this may seem, but having experienced Heaven and God, this seems a hard concept for me to grasp. But I understand that it is a story, and that her love is real and that it can cloud judgment. That said, I really liked this book. The characters were great, Xavier was almost too protective, but if you look, it is really because of his love for Bethany. Ivy and Gabriel seem detached but loving, and that is their mission, and it keeps them on track. Bethany feels strongly and that translates into powerful storytelling. Although she is a bit naïve, that is understandable, since she is new to earth, she sometimes makes rash decisions that we know will lead to repercussions, but each time, I could see myself making that same decision in her position. Jake is a wonderful villain, and it is frustratingly awesome how he is able to infiltrate and turn situations to his evil devices while keeping his cover. He is charming and deceptive, dark and mysterious. This book left me wanting more! I would be remiss if I did not mention the cover, which I absolutely LOVE. I love the contrast of the sun in the background and their shadowed forms, and the almost kiss.